With the upcoming warm season, we thought of adding a splash of colour to our Cloto, of introducing some new element to break the routine and better catch the need of something different typical of spring and summer…and, since a week is made out of seven days, we thought of seven colours, seven stones to intertwine with our links so you can decide every day the one that best fits your mood.

Our choice fell upon some non- uniform stones, some that aren’t alike to each other: Each sphere has its own veins and nuances, so that each bracelet is unique… because every life is on its own, and we don’t want to trivialise it.

We gave them names inspired to the weekdays, but you can change, mix, combine them to your delight: because not everyone waits for Friday and not all people feel depressed on Monday, just as there’s someone that isn’t satisfied with just one colour.


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